Set 2

Synthesized (gray-level and color) sequences with ground truth for stereo and motion analysis

Sequence 1 1 ECCV 2
Length (Frames) 100 2 396
Colour / Grey Both Grey Both
Colour Depth 12-bit 12-bit 12-bit
Resolution (pixels) 640 x 480 640 x 480 640 x 480
Stereo Rectified Yes Yes Yes
Ego-motion info No No Yes
  • Sequences provided by Toby Vaudrey (University of Auckland) and Clemens Rabe (Daimler AG).
  • Ground truth data is only available for the left camera (for all the sequences).
  • For sequences 1 and 2 ground truth for stereo, motion and scene flow is available.
  • For sequence 1-ECCV ground truth is only available for scene flow.
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters are available for download.
  • Videos of the sequences 1 and 2 (at increased speed) can be seen by clicking on the respective image.
  • For the sequence 1-ECCV click on the respective image to see an enlarged version of it.
  • The size of the sequences varies from 1MB to 150MB.

Sample Images & Downloads

Sequence Name Total frames
Sequence 1- Grey Scale 100
Left Camera Right Camera
grey-left-S1.7z (32 MB) grey-right-S1.7z (32 MB)
Sequence Name Total frames
Sequence 1 – Color 100
Left Camera Right Camera
colour-left-S1.7z (93 MB) colour-right-S1.7z (93 MB)
Sequence Name Total frames
Sequence 1- ECCV – Grey scale 2
Left Camera Right Camera
left-S1-eccv.7z (1 MB) right-S1-eccv.7z (1 MB)
Sequence Name Total frames
Sequence 2 – Gray scale 369
Left Camera Right Camera
gray-left-S2.7z (147 MB) gray-right-S2.7z (147 MB)
Sequence Name Total frames
Sequence 2 – Color 396
Left Camera Right Camera
colour-left-S2.7z (422 MB) colour-right-S2.7z (422 MB)

Ground truth

Click here for a description of the ground truth data.

Sequence 1

Stereo disparityGT-S1.7z (64 MB)

Motion flowX-S1.7z (41 MB)
flowY-S1.7z (35 MB)
Scene Flow flowD-S1.7z (43 MB)
Sequence 1 – ECCV
Stereo NA
Motion NA
Scene Flow flowD-S1-eccv.7z (3.5 MB)
Sequence 2

Stereo disparityGT-S2.7z (193 MB)

Motion flowX-S2.7z (359 MB)
flowY-S2.7z (241 MB)
egoMotion.7z (48 KB)
Scene Flow flowD-S2.7z (264 MB)

You can also download the stereo camera intrinsic parameters text file here: camera.dat
Note: The ground truth files are provided in raw format. You can use this to read them in C++; or this if you want to read them using Matlab. For FAQs click here.


For sequence 1 and 2: Tobi Vaudrey, Clemens Rabe, Reinhard Klette, and James Milburn, “Differences Between Stereo and Motion Behaviour on Synthetic and Real-World Stereo Sequences“, in Proc. 23rd Int. Conf. Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ ’08), 1-6, 2008. (Click here to download this as a bib file).

For sequence 1-ECCV: Andreas Wedel, Clemens Rabe, Tobi Vaudrey, Thomas Brox, Uwe Franke and Daniel Cremers, “Efficient Dense Scene Flow from Sparse or Dense Stereo Data“, in Proc. 10th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV ’08), 739-751, 2008. (Click here to download this as a bib file).


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