Set 8

Colour monocular sequences for optic flow detection

Sequence Length (Frames) 1329 / 1058
Colour / Grey Colour
Colour Depth 24-bit
Resolution (pixels) 900 x 1080
Stereo Rectified NA
Ego-motion data NA
  • Images captured using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II at 60 frames per second.

Sample Images & Downloads

  • Videos of the sequence (at double speed) can be seen by clicking on the respective image.
  • The sequences are around 500MB.
  • Coming soon: Flying bat sequence.
Sequence Name Total frames
Metronome-light 1329
Images metronome_light.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Metronome-shutters 1058
Images metronome_shutter.7z


Kun Ju, Simon Hermann and Reinhard Klette, “Optic Flow for Slow Motion“, Tech. Rep. 68, The .enpeda.. Project, The University of Auckland, 2011 (Click here to download this as a bib file).

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