Set 9

Trinocular stereo sequences recorded with HAKA1, the research vehicle of the .enpeda.. group.

Sequence Length (Frames) 400
Colour / Grey Grey
Colour Depth 10-bit
Resolution (pixels) 640 x 480
Stereo Rectified Yes
Ego-motion data No
  • Set of 8 sequences recorded with a three camera set up in a quasi-linear horizontal position (left, center and right).
  • The images of the three cameras have been rectified (each 3-tuple satisfy the standard epipolar geometry).
  • Stereo analysis can be performed using the left-center, left-right and center-right configurations.
  • The calibration file of each stereo camera is available for download.

Sample Images & Downloads

  • Videos of each sequence (at increased speed) can be seen by clicking on the images below.
  • The sequences are of 600 to 870MB.
Camera params: Dusk Sequence All Others
Left-center stereo lc_camera_dusk.dat lc_camera.dat
Left-right stereo lr_camera_dusk.dat lr_camera.dat
Center-right stereo cr_camera_dusk.dat cr_camera.dat
Sequence Name Total frames
Barriers 400
Left Center Right
left_barriers.7z center_barriers.7z right_barriers.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Dusk 400
Left Center Right
left_dusk.7z center_dusk.7z right_dusk.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Harbour bridge 400
Left Center Right
left_bridge.7z center_bridge.7z right_bridge.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Midday 400
Left Center Right
left_midday.7z center_midday.7z right_midday.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Night 400
Left Center Right
left_night.7z center_night.7z right_night.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
People 400
Left Center Right
left_people.7z center_people.7z right_people.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Queen street 400
Left Center Right
left_queen.7z center_queen.7z right_queen.7z
Sequence Name Total frames
Wiper 400
Left Center Right
left_wiper.7z center_wiper.7z right_wiper.7z


For Harbour bridge, Barriers, Queen street and People:
Simon Hermann, Sandino Morales, and Reinhard Klette, “Half Resolution Semi-Global Matching“, In Proc.2011 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IEEE IV ’11) (Click here to download this as a bib file).

For Dusk, Midday, Night and Wiper:
Konstantin Schauwecker, Sandino Morales, Simon Hermann and Reinhard Klette, “A Comparative Study of Stereo-Matching Algorithms for Road Modelling in the Presence of Windscreen Wipers“, In Proc.2011 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IEEE IV ’11) (Click here to download this as a bib file).

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